When $3 billion is worthless

03 May 2005 09:14:00


“Minister of Disarmament Mark Burton yesterday announced the next 10 years of inflation adjustments to the defence budget,” notes Libertarianz Defence Spokesman Robert Palmer. “Surrounded by his antiwar protester comrades, the hapless minister continues to display his woeful ignorance on what the purpose of having a defence force is.”

The Libertarianz spokesman Robert Palmer declares it outrageous that Labour, after five years of cuts, tries to sell this crock as the saviour of defence. “The claim that this inflation adjustment will continue to restore the capability lost in the nineties is pure spin doctoring – the loss of capability this century, such as the air combat wing and the third frigate, is a much greater loss capability. This doesn’t make sense. That is, unless you are a minister of disarmament, when it is a major gain. Hence Burton’s dissembling.”

“In the face of high staff turn over and low morale Labour and National both misguidedly believe offering slightly larger crumbs will solve defence woes,” says Palmer. “Paying men to fight makes mercenaries – not a defence force. What is missing most of all is leadership and vision and purpose.”

A country worth defending must be able and willing to defend itself. Palmer recommends that the other minister of disarmament reads a defence policy not written by a yellow pacifist, http://www.libertarianz.org.nz/?policy=defence – “God Defend Our Freeland” is not enough!

It’s enough to make you vote Libertarianz.

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