Where Force-Fed Welfare Exists, Misery Is Ever Near

22 February 2011 01:15:00

“The very existence of the Welfare Working Group confirms the corrupt philosophy of our welfare state,” says Peter Osborne, Libertarianz Spokesman for Social Welfare.

He says, “The results we see today with 356,000 working age people and 220,000 children existing under the welfare umbrella, provides a prime example of cause and effect. Regardless of how well meaning the instigators of the welfare system were, they overlooked some crucial repercussions of their actions when they imposed their ideology on us all.”

“Looking out for our neighbours and relatives is not the role of government. Caring for others should be our choice, as individual citizens. The welfare state has systemised this area of life into a self-fulfilling, all-absorbing black hole. To implement their flawed system, our government relies on tyranny by forcing us all to pay for it. In so doing, we have unwittingly been relieved of expressing our own sense of rightness. We no longer have to even think about each other; an opportunity to think consciously about others has been removed. We are all the worse for it.”

“Instead of actually bringing light and improvement to our lives, state-imposed welfarism has brought darkness and misery. Sadly it has become so entrenched in our national makeup most of us cannot imagine a world without it.”

“Regardless of how much tinkering the Welfare Working Group recommends, this is not a problem that can be solved while our government is in control. And the welfare state is just the tip of the iceberg. Nanny State must also release her grip on our children’s minds, our homes and businesses, our pockets and how we choose to live.”

“What is the point of living when reality is so radically distorted? How can anyone ever claim to embrace life to its fullest when life’s real experiences are replaced by the imaginings of an overbearing government? It seems that every political party on offer today still embraces a philosophy of force and control. It has become tired and degrading.”

“Only Libertarianz offers a new way of existence, embracing freedom and rejecting unwarranted interference. It is not a difficult choice,” Osborne concludes. “We either continue to live as we are told or we reinvent ourselves as individuals and pursue our own interests.”

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