‘WIN-Freedom of Choice’ are not freedom supporters

12 April 2005 13:50:00


“The new WIN-Freedom of Choice political party seems admirable enough at first gloss, but sadly closer inspection reveals WIN-Freedom represents – not freedom of choice – but mob-rule socialism,” says Libertarianz Spokesman Robin Thomsen.

WIN’s leader John Van Buren has based the party around his admirable campaign against the smoking-ban in bars. However, he says his new party’s campaign will focus on making referenda binding on all major issues. “This is just a call for mob-rule,” says Thomsen, ” a counting of heads, regardless of their content that shows a dangerous misunderstanding of the legal protections that our liberties require.”

“There are some things that should be beyond the vote,” declares Thomsen, who says he is “surprised” Mr Van Buren doesn’t understand that. “Those things include our life, our liberties and our rights in property. It is our rights as property owners that should give us the freedom of choice to allow smoking in bars,” continues Thomsen, “not a majority vote.”

Mr Thomsen explains “Freedom of choice is just that – freedom of choice. How sad it is that a party with ‘Freedom’ in its title could instead be advocates of majoritarian dictatorship.

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