‘Winston First’ Mired in Muldoonism

01 November 2010 10:42:00

Libertarianz leader Richard McGrath said watching Winston Peters trying to resurrect his political vehicle for next year’s election was like turning the clock back thirty-five years.

He described Mr Peters’ plans to beach the NZ dollar as archaic Muldoonism, the Super Gold Card as vote-purchasing, and his past intervention in the racing industry as empire-building.

“Mr Peters should accept that this country has moved on from the command and control economy of the past. Elements of a free market economy are now entrenched, to the long-term benefit of all New Zealanders.”

Dr McGrath said that while some much needed reforms occurred during the Douglas and Richardson eras, his party would push for further deregulation, lower taxation and less government interference in people’s lives.

“Experience has shown that individual New Zealanders are better at setting and achieving their own goals, and deciding how to spend their money. Political intervention is a blunt instrument that always has unintended negative consequences.”

“The Libertarianz Party wants to strip-mine the public service, downsize parliament and limit government spending. We believe the government is not there to rescue people from their own mistakes, or even from bad luck. The private sector can provide that service much more efficiently and conveniently then bumbling state bureaucrats ever could.”

“Governments should maintain the rule of law and provide for national defence. Nothing else. New Zealanders should resist politicians such as Mr Peters who promise the world, and want to pay for it with someone else’s money.”

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