Wobblebottom MPs Should Be Stood Down

20 November 2007 16:50:00




Wobblebottom MPs Should Be Stood Down

In the wake of the New Zealand government refusing entry to British woman Rowan Trezise because she is too fat, Libertarianz Health Spokesman Richard McGrath has asked for all obese MPs to be sent home until they normalise their weight.

“Our health minister, the 'socialist who can count', should organize a weigh-in of those bloated power-lusting parliamentarians who have grown fat at the public trough,” said Dr McGrath.

“Fat politicians are a burden on our collapsing health system, on the seats and floorboards of Parliament – and on productive New Zealanders,” he added, saying that there was a simple answer to the dilemma of allowing unhealthy immigrants to settle in New Zealand.


“Every immigrant should forgo public health care, instead receiving a tax rebate to cover private health insurance,” Dr McGrath said. “And in time this should extend to all New Zealanders.”

A Libertarianz government would abolish the current subsidies for health care, which would not be needed if the IRD was liquidated and people were left free to fund health care themselves.

“It is hypocritical of Helen Clark to refuse entry to Rowan Trezise when she tolerates the presence of several rather corpulent colleagues in the debating chamber,” Dr McGrath added.

“She should get her own house in order first, before blocking the entry of overweight people into New Zealand. To sanction fat MPs while passing judgement on the likely health requirements of potential immigrants is arrogant Nanny-Statism in the extreme.”


“It’s enough to make you vote Libertarianz!”


For more information contact:

Dr Richard McGrath
Libertarianz Health Spokesman

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