Write Political History at Libertarianz Conference 2012

17 August 2012 10:26:06

Libertarianz Leader Richard McGrath believes that the 2012 Libertarianz Conference is going to be the next launching pad for a truly liberal movement in the next election. “This October 6 we are welcoming all small government orientated individuals and organisations to join us at the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Auckland to write New Zealand political history!”

“Not only will this year’s conference have a massive line-up of fantastic speakers, it will give all interested attendees the opportunity to give their input on what the future liberal movement of New Zealand should look like.”

“Libertarianz believes it is time for a new political party to take the fight for smaller Government to Wellington. We need a new political party that includes all those who identify as liberal, libertarian or are just fed up with conservative wolves wearing liberal clothing. We need a party that not only stands for low taxes, balanced budgets and less Government spending, but stands up for our social freedoms also. Currently there is no party in Parliament doing this, something we seek to change, starting with our 2012 Conference.”

Mr. McGrath also adds that it is not enough to have a party standing for smaller Government at national level. He says many local council ratepayers are desperate for an alternative to the left/right duopolies which dominate councils, especially in Auckland. “In Auckland it is hard to tell the difference between the leftist faction and C&R. Indeed, only two out of the five councillors from C&R voted against the latest long term plan which has seen a massive increase in rates and the Councils debt ceiling. Auckland needs a new local body party which will commit to real cuts in rates and debt.”

Persons who wish to attend this conference have the opportunity to make submissions on the name, branding and policies of a new national and local level political party at the Libertarianz Conference.

To register for the conference, visit www.libertarianz.org.nz/conference-2012

Anyone wishing to be part of the submission process can email [email protected] with their personal/organisation details and the content of their submission.

For more information, see www.libertarianz.org.nz