Writing On The Wall For State Education

20 July 2005 12:57:00


“Trevor Mallard’s re-jigging of the education sector is just another patch job for an industry that is well on the road to collapse. This is no thanks to his incompetence and that of his bureaucrats,” said Peter Osborne, Libertarianz Education Deregulation Spokesman today.

“This recent about-turn, following the Education Sector Review release, is a stark admission of failure in one area of education but really the whole industry has had it,” says Osborne. “Mallard’s withdrawal of $160 million of funding from low quality courses is a joke. His options aren’t great: all he can do is to shift his tax booty from low-quality courses to below-standard courses. Such is the disgraceful state of education in New Zealand, across the board.”

Mr Osborne says, “Government enforced monopoly ensures that there is no meaningful competition in the education industry, which kills any incentive to push boundaries. Not that pushing boundaries is encouraged anyway. This government’s plethora of rules and regulations prohibit any desire to investigate innovative teaching methods and systems, and those that do find themselves regulated out of existence.”

Osborne concludes, “Problems such as this are set to continue unless parents take control, for their children’s sake. Libertarianz are the only party that understands this. We will end this madness once and for all by completely separating the state and education. Competition in the free market will see education explode into an industry of endless opportunity. We are not interested in your money. It must remain in your pocket, to spend on the education that you deem to be of value. We are not interested in controlling your minds and lives as such desires are anti-human and anti-freedom. A vote for any other party is a vote for the continuation of theft and control. A vote for Libertarianz is a vote for freedom.

“It’s Enough to Make you Vote Libertarianz!”

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