You Still Have the Right to Remain Silent

14 September 2011 15:00:02

Libertarianz Party leader Richard McGrath today attacked the National and United Future Parties for their failed attempt to repeal the legal right for people accused of crimes to remain silent.

“This right has been enshrined in common law for centuries. Had it been removed, Simon Power would have been able to set up his own Star Chamber, where people could face contempt of court charges for exercising their right to free speech.”

“We have now seen how low the National Party is willing to stoop. Their MPs are lying hypocrites – to a man, they would have supported this bill, despite their alleged support for individual freedom and choice.”

“Thanks to Rodney Hide and John Boscowan from the ACT Party, Simon Power’s attempt to overturn a fundamental common law right has been thwarted. However I am staggered that Heather Roy, Roger Douglas and Hilary Calvert chose to support this bill. And I commend the Labour, Green, Maori, Mana and Progressive Parties for opposing it.”

Dr McGrath said the Libertarianz Party believes in an absolute right to freedom of speech, provided there is no violation of equally important private property rights.

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