Eye Specialist in Newmarket - They Can Understand Your Symptoms

If you are experiencing vision problems, you may wish to consult an eye specialist in Newmarket. These doctors provide vision correction surgery, including LASIK eye surgery and cataract surgery. Their expertise and cutting-edge technology help them offer comprehensive eye care. They are dedicated to providing personalized care to meet the needs of patients with all types of vision problems.

The eye doctor can treat common eye conditions such as frequent eye infections, blurred vision, and excessive dryness. Some doctors also treat keratopathy, a condition that causes the top layer of the cornea to tear off. This can result in infection and scar tissue. Another common eye infection is corneal ulcers, which can be caused by trauma or diabetes. Eye specialist in Newmarket can help you treat these conditions and prevent them from becoming worse.

During your first visit, your eye specialist in Newmarket will take detailed notes about your symptoms and take a sample of your cornea for analysis. After the evaluation, a laboratory will analyze the samples and make a diagnosis. This process can take a long time, so be prepared for it. However, your Newmarket eye doctor will make every effort to diagnose you as quickly as possible.

If you have vision insurance, most eye specialists accept vision insurance. You should always check with your provider to determine if your plan covers your eye care. In addition, your eye doctor can give you a prescription for glasses or contact lenses. Some optometrists specialize in contact lenses, while others specialize in glasses. Some Newmarket eye specialists offer both types of eye care. You can choose the right specialist based on your needs and the kind of vision insurance you have.

The latest technology and highly-experienced staff of eye specialists help them provide the best service to patients. Eye Q Eye Care offers the most up-to-date eye care services. The staff at this clinic is dedicated to providing quality care for patients. It also features a database with essential information regarding telemedicine. It is a convenient way to see an eye specialist in Newmarket without having to travel to the office. If you are looking for an eye specialist in Newmarket, consider visiting John O'Connor Optometrists.

There are various types of vision problems that may require an eye specialist in Newmarket. One of them is cataract, which causes the lens of the eye to become clouded. It can affect either or both eyes and cause gradual vision loss. Some patients experience a mild reduction in vision while others may lose the ability to see simple shapes. In addition, glaucoma, which causes increased pressure in the eye, can affect vision as well. Treatment for glaucoma is different than for cataract.

Surgical procedures are also available for many eye problems, including glaucoma, cataracts, and retinal detachment. An ophthalmologist or optometrist can explain the process to you. Other surgical procedures include pars plana vitrectomy to treat problems with the retina and vitreous. These procedures also correct macular pucker and holes. There are non-surgical treatments for these conditions, as well.